Epic Paper Snowflake

Well dear readers, it is time for my first step-by-step guide on making something lovely yourselves.  As it is only 4 days until Christmas (YAY!) I thought a last minute festive decoration wouldn’t go amiss.  So here is how to make the world’s best paper snowflake.

My mum showed me how to make this last weekend.  She had learnt it from another friend and has since showed tons of other people, so lets share the wealth a little further and all make this gorgeous thing.  If you have standard plain white paper in the house, this is absolutely free and yet so effective!

First off, here’s a little photo to show you what you will be making:












































2 thoughts on “Epic Paper Snowflake

  1. Hi Lizzie, Happy New Year ! Loved the decorations in your house but the picture in the blog has disappeared . I checked with IE and Chrome and no show. Just thought you’d like to know.
    Cheers, Gary

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