A not-so-crafty Christmas

I mentioned before that most Christmasses, I make the majority of presents for people.  It’s much more personal and unique, and sometimes it’s a more afordable option too.  But it does take time.  And this Christmas, I only gave 1 hand made present.

It actually feels strange to me.  I made a felt toy of a digimon (Terriermon, to be exact, for anyone who cares) for my fiance, and that’s it.  Last year, I spent my evenings leading up to Christmas knitting tree decorations.  I even ventured into my fiance’s world of clay to make some little ducks (I came back out of that world quite quickly because it was scary and made my hands feel weird).  But this year my evenings were spent proofreading for the university paper, struggling through Ancient Greek translations or cramming chocolate in my face.  None of these things are conducive to creativity.

The only other thing I made was Christmas Chutney.  This is a really delicious recipe that I am toying with giving you all, despite the fact that it’s well and truly after Christmas now.  But I forgot that I’d made it.  So no one got it.  It’s still sitting in the garage waiting to be distributed.  Thankfully, it’s a very patient chutney so all is well so far.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying people presents.  All of my family were thrilled with the gifts they recieved this year.  Some of them may have even preferred their shop bought wonders (although I hope they can at least appreciate what I’ve made in the past!)  It just didn’t really feel right for me, that I had only made one present.

This one present was particularly difficult though.  I made the digimon quite small, and my minute hand sewing skills are hampered by my impatience so it took a lot longer than I’d expected.  Originally my fiance was going to get other hand made beauties, but those will now have to wait until his birthday in the summer.  I wasn’t even particularly thrilled with the result!  I thought he was wonky and weird but my fiance loves him so that point is well and truly moot.

So along with all of my other goals for the coming year, (making bread, attempting fair isle knitting and learning to sew – I did get a sewing machine for christmas so be prepared for LOTS of sewing posts!) I want to get back to making gifts.  It’s personal, it’s thrifty and hey, I miss it.

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