Sew exciting!

Hello my lovely readers!

So term starts back today, with alot of mixed feelings!  I thought I would ignore all my nerves about exams and starting new modules by writing a blog post.  That’s productive right?  Hmmm…

So sewing.  As I mentioned I got a beautiful sewing machine for Christmas (thank you Santa ;-P).  It’s purple and pretty straight forward to use and I already miss it.  There is no room for it in my uni house so unfortunately it currently lives in my wardrobe back home.  I just hope it’s not too lonely – it does have my clothes and wool stash for company at least.  But I digress.  I have finally used a sewing machine, and with some success too!

I mentioned previously that I had big plans to make napkin rings.  Well, as big as plans can get for such a small project.  I bought the fabric and cut some of it up and then got distracted, probably by something shiny.  But now I have made real progress.  The strips of fabric were finally all sheared one evening and I was ready to go.

Until I discovered that setting up a sewing machine is bloody complicated!!  Sitting in the afternoon twilight (almost) with mother dearest explaining it to me I couldn’t help but panic a wee bit.  It’s all loop this here and thread that there and wind it round your head four times and do a rain dance and you are done!  Well, not exactly, but that’s how it felt.  All the while I kept thinking “If threading the thing is this hard, how tricksy is it going to be to actually use?”

The answer was not tricksy at all.  Once you’ve faffed around for half an hour you just press a peddle!  Exactly my kind of thing.  So I practised on some scrap and was very tickled by all the different kinds of stitch (some of them look a bit like heart rate moniters tee hee) and had my faith utterly restored.

So the next day I decided to tackle a real sewing project.  And I was determined to do it properly.  I pinned all the pieces together, then I tacked them together (this is a very loose stitch that just holds things together temporarily) and then I got sewing.  I even ironed all of the pieces first, and I don’t even iron my clothes!  I thought I was doing quite well, though I was too scared to go full speed with the peddle.  Sometimes the machine growled at me when I went to slow but I was determined not to be rushed!

The first two seams are wonky to say the least.  But I had 12 strips of fabric to sew together and that means 11 seams.  Now 2 wonky and 9 straight is pretty good going in my book.  I am a very happy bunny indeed.

Like I said, term has started again and I am seperated from my sewing machine :-(.  But as soon as we are reunited I will be backing those bad boys and finishing them up royal!  And then, my dears, I will give you some pretty pictures too ooh/scoff at depending on your opinion of my handiwork.

It’s sew exciting!

P.S. Fair Isle update:  I have chosen the wool I am going to use…green, red and purple…good combo I think…but they have yet to leap onto my needles…soon, I promise.

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