Fair-ly fearless

Well my dears, after an exceedingly long gap (sorry about that, you may blame my degree!) I am back with another post.  And, you guessed it, it’s about knitting.

The last time I told you all about my Fair Isle fears I was still grappling with a scarf on the wrong number of stitches with a rapidly failing pattern.  Well, since then things have progressed, just not in the way I thought.

In an idle moment (they are incredibly rare in my life, but they do happen sometimes) I picked up one of my Christmas presents that I had yet to make use of.   It was a book of 20 mug hug patterns.  For those of you who are unaware, a mug hug is a knitted band that you can put around a mug so that you can hug it with your hands (inspired name eh?) without burning yourself on it.  I used one whilst on work experience with The Knitter Magazine and got a bit addicted to snuggling my muggling (sorry couldn’t resist the rhyme).  So my mum bought me a book so I could knit my own.

Phew, that was a long catching up paragraph!  Basically, I found 2 Fair Isle mug hugs in that book.  HALLELUJAH!  I probably don’t have to tell you that a mug hug is much smaller than a scarf and, as such, is a much smaller undertaking.  So I have now done both of them.  And it was not that bad at all.  I had to concentrate pretty hard, but I still managed to have 24 on in the background (nothing like Jack Bauer saving the day to put your knitting fears into perspective!)  I think they are pretty neat but they are a bit higgledy piggledy so that will have to improve.  I actually really enjoyed the challenge in the end, so I think it’s safe to say that it was a success!  I have yet to iron the second one so it is not quite ready to be viewed, and I haven’t taken a photo of the first anyway.  But when I do, you will see that my colour choice has transformed an innocuous pattern into Space Invaders.  An improvement I think.

So I am no longer a Fair Isle fail.  I am still scared of it, and I still have a loooooooooooong way to go before my Fair Isle is as good as my normal knitting, but at least now it’s not the big bad monster living in my knitting books.

I still want to make the Fair Isle socks I have a pattern for.  They are my goal.  I have learned that me and knitted garments don’t go well together.  Too much time and effort in knitting makes me impatient and sloppy.  But socks I can handle.  And so I will.  But it’s not that simple, when is it ever?  To knit these beauties I have to conquer my only other knitting fear: circular needles.  Watch this space readers…circular needles, here I come!

One thought on “Fair-ly fearless

  1. Well done Lizzie. I look forward to seeing your mug hugs. My experience of fairisle is that you really have to concentrate, so don’t know how you are managing that when you are studying too.
    Happy Knitting G

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