Time for an update

Well hello there lovely people.

As I am currently procrastinating in a very lazy way, I thought I would at least be a little bit productive.  My exam tomorrow may suffer, but of all my exams this was always going to be my worst, so a little bit of blogging won’t make that much difference!

I thought it was about time I shared with you some updates on my crafty creations.  First of all, do you remember my endeavour into the world of sewing?  Those little napkin rings took almost a year to make.  Poor things.  They kept getting pushed aside by other, supposedly more important, tasks.  But they are now complete!  I discovered that they weren’t as simple as I first thought they would be.  I thought, lots of straight lines, lots of practice, woo!  But actually it was lots of not-so-straight lines and a bit too much wonkiness.  I even managed to sew one seam so wonky that it popped in the turning right side out process.  Thankfully my ever so patient mum sewed it up with deft precision that I can only hope to one day acquire.  But I prevailed, and I have now made my very first sewn item.  Here they are in all their glory:

There are only three here because this was post mum-fix on the last one.  I edged 2 of the 4 with some pretty red lace (thank you Anna ;-P) but there wasn’t enough for all 4 and I wanted to experiment with how they looked un-edged anyway.  I now know they look better edged.  They ended up pretty huge if I’m honest, so now I’m on the lookout for some massive white linen napkins that will happily snuggle into these rings.  I’m sure I’ll find some!

The other update is on my Fair Isle knitting.  If you remember, I managed to Fair Isle knit 2 mug hugs.  Well, I have now sewn buttons onto both! However, I couldn’t be bothered to iron the second one, it seemed stupid to get everything out just to iron a mug hug.  So I only have one to show you, but you can ooh and aah appropriately I’m sure.  Here is Fair Isle attempt number one:

Here it is on a mug…me trying to be artsy.  I think it’s quite sad that I felt the need for a coaster even though the mug was empty.  Hey ho!  And here is a picture so you can see my epic(ish) knitting:

It’s a bit higgledy piggeldy but it was my first attempt, and I’m happy with it for that!

So there you have it!  That’s everything I’ve been up to in a crafty way over the past few months.  I’m aware that I also promised to get into bread making and knitting in the round.  Baby steps though, they will come.

I’m feeling the need to share some recipes with you…hopefully the blog will take a foody slant very soon 🙂

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