Creeping back to say hello

Well. It’s been over a year since I blogged about anything, and looking back at the most recent post (from April 2012, not really recent is it?) it’s safe to say a lot has changed.

Reading back, almost everything I wrote had something to do with uni, and now I’ve graduated. Suddenly, and resoundingly university has nothing to do with my life anymore. It’s only now that I’ve spent 16 months away from education that I realise how much it defined me, and it’s even more obvious with things like social media. It was my Twitter description, it was the backdrop to everything I blogged and it dictated a lot of what I ‘liked’ on Facebook.

Now, it seems to have been replaced with knitting. Yippee!

Since I last posted, I’ve graduated, got a job, got a different job, moved over 100 miles away from home, got married and settled into life as an adult (not a grown-up, they are different). I now work on Simply Knitting magazine (go and buy a copy, you know you want to) and my life has become even more submerged in the world of making knots with sticks and string. It’s not like I wasn’t a knitting nerd before, either, now it’s just legitimised and I get paid for it!


(Bath. Photo taken by Thoroughly Modern Lizzie)

So, I hear you bellowing at your screen, what have you made/baked/created in the last year, who cares where you live?!?

Well, that’s a little rude, but I’ll let it slide. This is where I wish I’d kept up with the blogging fandango so that I could have some online form of crafting catalogue. Alas, a list of what I can remember and some photos of what I had the foresight to shoot/friends shot for me will have to do instead.

A bazillion wedding crafts were undertaken (which might even warrant a post of their own, we shall see) including bunting, flowers, chutney, cake, table plans, orders of service, invitations, button holes, bouquets and all the other stuff I’ve already forgotten. (It has been more than 4 months people!)


(Photo taken by Louise Smith) We knitted and sewed flowers for every centre piece and chutney was made by the cauldron full.


(Photo taken by David Pollington) A majestic dragon was formed out of sponge cake and tiny likenesses were made from Fimo, all sitting atop the largest fruit cake one could ever wish to wrangle.


(Photo taken by Katherine Smith) Over 80 bunting triangles were knitted by 4 lovely ladies (plus me) and I lost count of the flowers that eventually made up my bouquet.

So around all of that not a lot else was made.

A couple of framed quotes, a Union Jack cushion, and a hat to resemble that of a certain Jane were all given at Christmas, but that was about it in terms of hand made gifts. I sewed myself some pyjama bottoms and a toiletry bag (sadly lacking photographic evidence) which I will have to show off you at some point, and I did finally bake some bread! (More on that story later…)


(Photo taken by Thoroughly Modern Lizzie)

On the knitting front, an Alan Dart Dachshund is sitting in pieces in a plastic bag, waiting for me to sew the bugger up, countless swatches have been knitted for reviews in the magazine, a shawl has been started and a couple of pairs of socks have leapt off my needles. Look – these ones I made for myself!


(Photo taken by Thoroughly Modern Lizzie)

I even got paid to write something, which really made my heart sing. Hurry, buy this beauty now!

So, now that I’m back, you can expect more of my ramblings, crafting and shoddy photography to come. Aren’t you all thrilled?

Until next time…

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