The Wedding We Made (part 1)

I was going to write just one post about the wedding, but once I got started, I soon realised it could quickly become a novel. So instead, it’ll be a series of posts (most likely until I get bored) interspersed with other crafty yumminess to keep you gripped and enthralled. Just let me believe that you are gripped and enthralled, even though you’re probably not, for my sanity.

There’s something magical about weddings that goes beyond love and commitment and all those smushy things. So much time, effort and money goes into celebrating the special couple, that the day becomes an entity in it’s own right. We felt that was especially true on our big day, because so much of it was hand made or crafted by the people closest to us. What originally started out as ways to make the most of the little funds we had, quickly became the best parts of our wedding. Every last bit of the day was us, to the core.


(Photo by Yellow Door photography)

It all started with the invitations. We always wanted to make our own invitations, to make sure we had complete control over the final look. Steven is quite the dab hand at coming up with interesting ideas, and after various incarnations of folded card that were always too fussy, too amateurish or too time consuming, he struck gold.

When he suggested little fabric envelopes with each guest’s name embroidered onto the front, I just couldn’t imagine it any other way. Enter an extremely talented sister-in-law with a whizzy sewing machine and ceaseless patience and the dream became a reality.


(Photo taken by Thoroughly Modern Lizzie)

Each guest or family group got their very own personalised envelope to keep forever. Handily, they are the perfect size for bank and ID cards (ever the practicalities with me!) so they still serve a purpose now the wedding is over. We printed the details on cards from Vista print and even built a website…which promptly failed and led to plenty of emails and texts. Yes, we thought we were being clever and no, we didn’t think it all the way through. Everyone made it on the day though, so we clearly did alright.


(Photo taken by Thoroughly Modern Lizzie)

We even had our own invitations with our names on, because, you know, we didn’t want to feel left out.

Everyone was thrilled by the invites, and we are so grateful to Mandy for taking the time, effort and skill to make them for us. They were such a conversation starter and gift in their own right that a few people didn’t even realise the wedding details were inside. I have never seen invitations like these before, or since, and I will be very surprised if I ever do. They are simple, elegant and timeless and we couldn’t have wished for anything better.

If you were as impressed as we were with these mad embroidery skills, Emelbee also do t-shirts, jumpers and other embroidery magic. Get in touch if you are interested!

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