The Wedding We Made (part 2)

Flowers and weddings go together like pasta and cheese, gin and tonic and chocolate and my mouth. But beautiful displays and bouquets can end up being a costly endeavour. I had always loved the idea of artificial flowers, of being able to keep my bridal bouquet forever. But when I saw that people were starting to make bouquets out of brooches, doorknobs and just about anything else you could dream of, fake flowers transformed into a chance to get creative and the crafter in me was itching to give these unusual options a go.


(Photo taken by Amy Bride)

I quickly found a simple template for a flower, cut out two sizes and sewed them together with a button (oh how I love a button). I made around five in an hour and thought – bloody hell this is fantastic, bring it on! I showed them to Steven who was equally impressed and the handmade flowers were officially part of the wedding plan. And then Steven got his hands on them…

I may have mentioned before that my significant other can sew better than me. Depending on my mood this makes me simultaneously ashamed and filled with pride. So when mere moments of snipping, placing and sewing created the most perfect felt rosebud you have ever seen I was jealous and delighted in equal parts. At first he was tasked with the job of making me an entire bouquet of felt rosebuds all by himself, but eventually I discovered that it was not, in fact, rocket science, and I could, in fact, do it too and so I helped a bit and spread the skills around.

With rosebuds made by my nearest and dearest, ribbon roses adding a touch of glamour, and some vintage brooches that belonged to my nana, my bouquet blossomed into the beauty it is, even to this day, proudly displayed in my living room.


(Photo taken by Yellow Door Photography)

Whilst the bouquet was a subdued haze of cream and red, the centrepieces were rather more off piste. In amongst knitted and felt flowers, there was a cardigan tie, a sequined sleeve and various other oddments that had taken up residence in my sewing box and were miraculously transformed at the hands of my genius spouse. I envy the way he can see what something could become with a bit of work, no matter how uninspiring and unloved it may look.

table centres

(Photo taken by Katherine Smith)

With nine rosebud buttonholes finishing off our floral creations, we were delighted with how they all turned out. I think it truly sunk in how successful they were when I saw guests choosing their favourites, and keeping them as a memento of the day. You’ve got to be doing something right if people want to take things home with them!


(Photo taken by Yellow Door Photography)

So I’m sure some of you are wondering if this really helped in our budget conscious wedding. Well…drum roll please! All in all our flowers cost us less than £50, and we will never see flowers like them at another wedding. They were 100% us and will be forever!

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