I’m not dead – honest!

Howdy strangers!

Just a quick post, because I realised today that it’s almost been two months since I last regaled you with tales of the unexpected. So much has been going on recently – Christmas was a whirlwind of seeing old friends and family, eating too much and general busy-ness that was wonderful, and since then being back to work (and sorting out car trauma) has been pretty full on.

But here’s a very brief update on my knitting…

I’m making myself some more socks (yay handknitted socks, woo!). They are self patterning and glittery and have been dubbed Unicorn socks, Mermaid socks and Magical Dream socks. They are awesome, and here’s a shot of them in progress…


They are a little longer in the foot now, but only by about 5 rounds. I’ve had work knitting to do so unfortunately the socks were on the back burner for a while.

I’ve also completed sleeve number one of The Cardigan That Was Steeked! Yes, I know it’s taken me forever. I got sick of the lace pattern so I left it for a while. But this weekend just gone I spent a chunk of Sunday on it. Now there’s just a sleeve and a neck band to go! No picture because I’m rubbish.

And last but not least, I cast on another shawl. I was reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog the other day, and her Zuzu’s Petals made me want one of my own. It’s designed like a shawl but constructed like a cowl, so you can pull it on over your head and it won’t slide off your shoulders. Carina Spencer you are a genius! I had a skein of Rowan Fine Art sock yarn in a yummy orangey pink. It’s actually bit fine for the pattern, so I’ve added a couple of lace stitch repeats (advised by my great knitting guru, Faye). I’ve got double the meterage I need, so I’m sure it will work beautifully.

Also no picture yet, because I’m super rubbish, and I’ve only got fifteen minutes before work so the Ravelry link will have to be a little teaser until I can knit some more and show it off a bit.

Anyhow, happy Friday readers! Have a great weekend 🙂