Kaffe Fass-cinating!

Good morning beautiful people. Happy Saturday! I hope the sun is shining, wherever you are, even if it isn’t particularly warm yet.

Earlier this week, I had an awesome opportunity. A lot of my job is sitting at a computer reading, writing and researching. I love all those things, clearly, or I would have chosen a different career, but I still enjoy a bit of a jolly. And on Wednesday I got to go on a press day. (I must add though, that I still feel like I’m pretending at these kinds of things, like I shouldn’t be there and I’m just a kid playing at being a journalist. Not sure that will ever pass.)

Kaffe Fassett, the indomitable textile artist and designer, has a new exhibition at The American Museum in Britain, here in Bath. It is a fascinating display of his work, presented tastefully and in a way that really packs a punch, and it is open to the public as of today. My God, was it an assault on the senses! In a really, really good way, of course.

The totally nerve-wracking and yet simultaneously awesome and exciting part was that I got to interview both Kaffe himself and Brandon Mably, his partner-in-crime. They were both lovely men, really chilled out, obviously just enjoying the opportunity to see all their hard work (50 years of it!) showcased in such a fantastic way. I genuinely enjoyed wandering through the exhibit on my own with Kaffe, asking him about his lustrous career (and some sillier questions too – get your hands on issue 120 of Simply Knitting for the full interview). He has a wonderfully simple, relaxed outlook on life that I found very inspiring. For such an incredibly multi-talented person, he was very humble, and seemed quite happy to just have a chat. He’s a charmer!

I took an official poop load of photos, that are all pretty shoddy, but if you want to see some decent ones, pop on over to the Simply Knitting website for my official blog post, and Faye’s wonderful photography. Oh and make sure you toddle on over to the exhibition! It’s on until Sunday 2 November, and it’s a stunner.

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