Ultimate Carbon Power!

It’s Thursday. Which means it’s nearly the weekend. It’s nearly the long, three-day May Day bank holiday weekend. You’d think with the four-day Easter weekend so recently behind us  I’d be able to manage a full week at work quite easily. You’d be wrong. I’m so ready for another long weekend.

Anyway, enough of that. I realised that a lot of my posts recently have been “Look what I made!” Nothing wrong with that, of course, I make a lot of stuff and I’m sure you guys like to see photos. But I thought I might break things up a bit with something different. So today I’m going to give my two pence about KnitPro Karbonz interchangeables.


Here’s an official promo photo. Swanky eh? Find stockists here.

These little bad boys are on loan to me from work, so I can knit swatches for review and any other little bits and bobs to help the mag along. But in between I’ve been using them for my own projects too, because they are awesome and why wouldn’t you?

As a knitter of about 12 years, I’ve used more circulars and interchangeables in the last year than in the rest of my knitting life put together. That has a lot to do with the fact that I’ve now been working at Simply Knitting for a year, surrounded by skilled and experienced knitters who inspire and help me to learn new things pretty much every day. It’s  one of my favourite things about the job. So when I say I’ve used my fair share of circular needles, what I mean is I’ve used about 5 different brands, but in a relatively short space of time, so it feels like a lot more.

What is the point of that ramble? These are the best circulars I’ve ever used.


(Photo by me. Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of something shiny in weird light on your phone? Hard.)

The tip is perfect for me, it has a definite point without being so sharp that it could be classed as a weapon and without hurting my finger as I push it through stitches. The cable is flexible and strong and quite fine, so even when you use the smallest needle (3mm) your stitches glide nicely. The join is very simple and very smooth – the only time I’ve had any stitches snag is when I’ve been lazy and I haven’t tightened the joins properly (they started to come undone, so I had to push all the stitches past and tighten it properly – see what happens when you live the Slapdash life?). You get all the tools for tightening and loosening the interchangeables in the set, so that’s nice and easy too. The carbon fibre material that the needles are made of is light and very slick, so your stitches (no matter what fibre, and I’ve used a lot of fibres with them) won’t stick.


(Photo by me. Three of the four cables that come with the set.)

The full set that I’ve got has needle sizes 3mm-6mm, so you’ve got the most commonly used sizes there. It comes in it’s own case, but the zip on my one was broken, so they’ve been transported into a different needle roll. I don’t see that as a problem, it’s the needles that matter to me.


(Photo by me. Blurry crotch shot (oo-er) of my silk top. It has grown!)

I used them for my Vine cardigan and I’m currently using them for my silk top, and I haven’t had any problems at all. I will say that I tried to do Magic Loop with them and struggle, so I think I’ll stick to my KnitPro Nova Metal for that as they have a much more malleable cable.

So that’s what I think. I hope you’ve found this useful – let me know if you want anything else reviewed for your reading pleasure. Until next time, amigos…

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