All change please, all change

Have you guys ever felt the need to just shake things up? Just completely change everything in your life and do something new and different and exciting? I would have never pegged myself as the kind of person who would, but in the last two years I’ve done that twice.


In February 2013, I uprooted from my hometown of Milton Keynes and moved with Steven to Bath to undertake a new and exhilarating job.

In February 2015, I uprooted from Bath and moved back to Milton Keynes with Steven, ready for a new adventure. This time it’s his turn. And come September things will really hot up.

These experiences just got me thinking, really. In a world where people have the same job for 30 years and stay in the same house their entire lives, there isn’t much room for mystery, for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and doing something that scares you. I’m not about to say that everyone should do one thing that scares them everyday because a) why would you want to? And b) there aren’t that many scary things in life. But I do think there is something to be said for appreciating how temporary things really can be if we want them to be. We should embrace that, and put a little less pressure on ourselves with it in mind.


In the past month I’ve been stressed, tired, anxious and sad but it’s all been temporary. And do you know what it’s all paved the way for? A new kind of contentment. A bigger home. Seeing my family every day and knowing that my oldest friends are five minutes away once more. Sure there are still uncertainties, but that may just be the best part.

Who ever wanted all the answers, anyway?

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