Welcome to the world!

Morning campers! Happy Belated Easter, the chocolatey-est, and therefore one of my favourite celebratory weekends. Also, 4 day weekend! Bliss. I hope you all had suitably lazy and sugary weekends. I for one will never grow out of an Easter egg hunt, and thankfully it seems neither will my mum!

Of course Easter isn’t just about chocolate. It’s also about teeny tiny lambs popping up everywhere and chicks peep-peeping into the world and one of my friends contributed to that part of Easter with a fresh little baby; her second son Hayden.

I’ve never knitted for a baby before. I was a bad neglectful friend when Lucie had her first baby, and I didn’t knit little Eythan anything, for which I still feel bad. So it was all different for Hayden. I chose a nice zesty spearmint in a practical machine-washable acrylic and made this.


A teeny tiny trio of warmth. (Photo by me.)


I can’t decide if the hat is my favourite… (Photo by me.)


…or the bootees. (Photo by me.)


I think the mittens look like little fishies. (Photo by me.)

I chose classic roll-top bootees from a book, The Knitter’s Bible (which really is my bible) and went for a matching rolly hat that I found on Ravelry. I did adapt the hat a little, because I wasn’t in the mood to knit in the round. It translated to flat well enough and I think it’s rather dashing – it even looks a bit like a mini top hat in that photo! The mittens are the least matchy, because without a bit of ribbing those suckers would never stay on.

Anyway, they whizzed off in the post to Lucie and Chris the other day and I hope everyone likes them. I’m not sure they’ll be big enough, but it’s the thought that counts right? Soft things are lovely to have around no matter what.

Welcome to the world, Hayden! And congratulations to mummy and daddy and big bro Eythan.