I love my mum!

Howdy doody readers! Happy Official Summertime to my British readers. Isn’t it lovely to have a bit of light in the evenings? Although my body has not adjusted to that 1 hour time difference. Can I get up in the mornings? Can I heck as like!

Happy Mother’s Day for last Sunday! I hope all you kids pampered your mums and all you mums got a chance to relax. I myself was a naughty daughter and spent the weekend in Brighton with some friends who I barely get to see (my mum’s wonderful though and she was completely understanding.) My big brother took good care of her all by himself, and I think she had a thoroughly lovely day. Here are some snaps from sunny B-town.




(Isn’t Brighton beautiful? Top down: The Brighton Pavilion, The West Pier, The Boardwalk. Thanks Imo and Ed for having us!)

This situation meant I needed a present that I could pop in the post safely. Mum’s had quite a few hand-knits from me (remember the shawl?) so I wanted to give her something a bit different, but something still hand-made, that had my love poured into it from the very beginning. I did a bit of Pinterest surfing (as one does for inspiration these days) and found so much hoop art that it was all I could think about.

For those who don’t know, hoop art entails embroidery and other textile art that is framed and displayed in an embroidery hoop. It’s genius in it’s simplicity because frames never quite do textiles justice, in my opinion. Check it out!

Now, I may have mentioned here that my sewing is rudimentary and my patience is non-existent so embroidery was a bit of a gamble. That knowledge steered me towards a very simple design, that I just couldn’t mess up. Wanna see? Of course you do.


Plain and simple, no muss no fuss, just saying it how it is. The whole thing is just backstitch! Beautiful in it’s clean lines, eh? I copied Rugglestitch, who used to sell these on Etsy. Her shop seems to be closed though, unfortunately. (Photo by me.)


(Dramatic by the window. Photo by me.)


(Propped on the typewriter, of course. Photo by me.)


And because it took me ages to find a tutorial that told you how to finish it off, here is the back. You just have to glue gun the excess fabric to the hoop! That part was really fun. Just make sure you are happy with the positioning before applying hot glue, mine could have been straighter… (Photo by me!)

Mum loved the piece of embroidery and my brother was particularly tickled that it still looks like my handwriting. I think that counts as a success. But next year, I think I’ll give the gift in person, eh mum?

Did you guys make anything wonderful for your mums this weekend?