The Hen Do that my Ladies Made

I’ve always liked the saying “Life is what you make of it”. Partly for the actual sentiment of seeing your life however you want to, but mostly for the crafty pun in there. Making stuff (food, knitwear, drawings) is how I make my life. When it came to my Hen Do, it wasn’t just what I made of it, it was what all my ladies made of it.

Now I wasn’t your typical Hen. I didn’t fancy a big night out with ‘L’ plates and willy-shaped paraphernalia. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I can see the funny side of a willy straw, I mean, who can’t? They’re funny from every angle!  I just wanted something else. Luckily I had the world’s best Maid of Honour ever in the history of life, weddings and bridesmaids, who got exactly what I wanted and planned the best Hen Do for me with all my ladies.

hen fascinators

(Photo taken by Lucie Nash)

We made fascinators! That’s right, I had a crafty Hen Do, boo-yah! A lady came to the house with all the things you need to make pretty little head adornments and we were on fire. It was great seeing my friends from all the different parts of my life all getting on so well. And we made some fantastic fascinators. But that’s not all, I spent the afternoon surrounded by all kinds of food, copious amounts of baked goods and my favourite girls. It was epic. It was a feat of co-ordination, communication and cake-ination. We had chocolate cake, mini cupcakes to dip in icing and toppings, shortbread, flapjack, madeleines, cupcakes, glittery scones, rice crispy cakes, blinis and posh sandwiches and a huge cake of light and creamy loveliness from Patisserie Valerie (and I’ve probably missed some bits along the way too).


(Photo taken by Jan Smith)

That’s still not all. How do you decorate such an affair? How about giant paper pom poms (perfect to be used at the wedding as well), paper bunting, tiny crackers and tea caddies sporting white roses? Sounds perfect right? It was. It was exactly the mix of classy and cute that I’d had my heart set on, and it was what Anna and all my ladies made. So thank you, every last one of you, for baking, making and being involved in my wonderful Hen Do. It pays to think outside the box.

Of course it descended into drunken ramblings, but if the bride isn’t drunk on her Hen Do, something’s gone terribly wrong. The icing on the cake (see what I did there?) for me, was seeing the fascinators on the day itself, don’t they look stunning?

fasc 1

(Photo taken by Amy Bride)

fasc 2

(Photo courtesy of Louise Smith)

fasc 3

(Photo taken by Amy Bride)

It really was the Hen Do that we made of it, and I loved it.